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"We are thrilled to announce the release of our new single and music video "Paganism", as we settle into our new citizenship in Portugal. This is the first taste of our upcoming album, set to be released in the fall of 2023. The past two and a half years have been some of the most meaningful and transformative periods of our lives. We feel that we are finally mature and experienced enough to achieve the dreams we had as children, which almost slipped away. These are times of natural evolution and change, as we seek new spaces of freedom and growth. Paganism is not a curse, but rather a word that refers to the practice of agriculture. It encompasses many beliefs and rituals that are deeply connected to nature and are stronger than any attempts to force them into a single frame or narrative. The song "Paganism" is the opening track of our new show "Tophet" (Inferno), which will also be featured on our upcoming album. We are proud to have the support of the Rimojeki wedding supporters for this project. As we continue to record our new songs on the road, we are also actively searching for a new piece of land to build our "NIBIRU HOTEL". We hope to see you there in the future. If you know of any interesting people or places for us to visit in the Iberian peninsula, please let us know! ***************** "Paganism", filmed by Amit Eden and Natalie Mandel in the south of France and at the Manoir de la Chaussée hotel in Langon, port de Roche in the north of France. The video was expertly edited by Rafi Perach. Music by Rimojeki, composed of Jeki Zaborov and Kfir Rimoch, with production assistance from Israel Rimoch at Golgolet Studio in Yavne, Israel. The song was mixed by Jhonathan Shatzmiller - and mastered by Yonatan Lev. - ********************** As we plan our 2022 tour across Europe, we invite you to share any suggestions for venues, festivals, or parties where Rimojeki can perform and kick ass. Peace & Love! J&R. ************************* "Paganism" Broken mythologies Racing gods The revenge of the baby He wants more love It’s demons and trains, demons on trains A loop of obstacles that never ends… no desperation in this game The darkness of gold mines you were always my life Crawling inside you With the sun in my mind we are cutting the stones, chisels, and bones You gotta get out when you'll find your diamonds Paganism is forever I will be your enemy never again You know they tried to get me pregnant with the belief of one god in my head But I stayed with you to love and create... love and create
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